Modern Managed Detection and Response for Healthcare Providers: Your Ultimate Guide



The number of data breaches continues to escalate, putting midsize healthcare providers on high alert. Nowadays, any information that a business finds valuable, such as maintenance records on a fleet of trucks or a manufacturer’s third-party supplier information, is monetizable and a potential target for attack.

To protect such data, many organizations are turning to managed detection and response (MDR) services, a category of security solutions that offer the technology, process, and humans needed to defend against the increasing threat of cyberattacks.

But not all MDR providers are created equal. Organizations looking for an MDR provider in the evolving cyber landscape are having to sort through the confusion to find the right MDR provider for their needs. Pondurance keeps it simple.

After reading this guide, you will have a better understanding of available MDR services and how those options may align with your needs as a healthcare provider. The guide covers:

  • Exploring MDR's history
  • Simplifying the need for complex technology
  • Fighting cyberattackers with human defenders
  • Bringing the 'R' to MDR
  • Customizing solutions for today and tomorrow
  • Knowing compliance vs. cybersecurity
  • Tailoring to your needs and budget
  • Understanding your industry